Madrilenian Typographic Manufactures is a project that aims to give a second digital life to the letters that we find around the city of Madrid, before they disappear in the fancy city decorated for the Instagram tourist.

MTM factory next to the Manzanares river.

We, who live in the battered city, who prefer the walk to the algorithm and the potato to the avocado, will continue to take care in our own way of the old letters of this insufferable city. Death to brunch, long live the Mahou Classic!

Madrilenian Typographic Manufactures is a bold venture with no defined limits, open to collaborations with Madrid lettering lovers.

Currently, at the helm of MTM is Juanjo López, with the collaboration of Ales Santos as a young trainee with (few) promotion possibilities.

MTM operators in the Serif Room.

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You will come for our excellent typefaces, you will adore us for our technical service.

We make sure that your font meets the highest standards of accuracy.

At MTM we like to play so we serve the best brand new Variable Fonts.

What is that? They are fonts that group the entire family in a single file which contains all the styles, and in addition, allows the user to use all the intermediate styles through comfortable sliders like the ones in the Test sections on this website.

We think it’s the best way to give old designs a twist and play with them, making them more versatile, more useful or even more useless.

If you need another type of file because you only use Word 97 on Windows NT, all our fonts are delivered in a traditional static formats.

If things are still not going as they should, write to without delay and our technicians will get to work to solve your problems.

When you buy a typeface what you are really buying is the license to use it. That End User License Agreement (EULA) that appears when you install a program that you have never read.

Regarding type there are many types of licences, in our case we have chosen a novel and simple to understand model:

There is a single licence that includes unlimited use in print, web, an app or a TV ad.

The cost of that licence is calculated based on the size of the end customer, using the total number of employees in the company to calculate that size.

Using the right typeface will benefit your company, but it is not the same benefit for a large company to use it in a print advertising campaign as it is for a small grocery shop to use it on a poster.

That is why our typefaces are licensed based on the size of the end customer, who is the owner of the licence and can use it without limitations and share it with his design studio or printing company.

Can I try the types before I buy them?

Of course you can. If you need test fonts to prepare a presentation or show a proof to a client, just write to

I am a designer, can I buy a licence and use it for several clients?

No. The owner of the licence is the end user. If you are going to use an MTM typeface for your own studio material, then the owner of the licence is you.

Who holds the licence, the design studio or the client?

The licence is for the end user, which is usually the client. As the owner of the licence, he can share it with his design studio or printing company for uses related to a specific job.

How many computers can I install the fonts on?

On as many computers as you want within the organisation that owns the licence. They can also be installed temporarily in design studios or print shops contracted by that organisation.

Can I make a logo with your wonderful fonts?

We would be delighted if you do so.

Can I modify the fonts?

No. You can outline the font and tweak the curves to make a logo, for example.

You cannot modify or hire someone to modify the font file to add new characters, for example. In case you need them, we will be happy to help you.

I want my own font!

We’re all ears. Having a bespoke typeface is not as complicated as it might seem, nor is it reserved for big brands with big budgets. Contact us at and tell us about your case.

As in the old Links sections of the beloved ancient internet, we at MTM wish you a happy web browsing and recommend you visit the following pages of great interest to the experienced internet user:

The Red Ibérica en Defensa del Patrimonio Gráfico (Iberian Network in Defence of Graphic Heritage), dedicated to rescuing, safeguarding and giving value to signs by saving them from the garbage.

The following typographic projects based on street letters: Granaina, Ferpal Sans, Salmantina, Chulapa, Eixample Collection, and Justa y Rvfina.

And the projects in which Juanjo López and Ales Santos are involved:

The Familia Plómez, an association dedicated to preserving, using and spreading letterpress printing and typography in almost all its forms.

Cañas & Tipos, festive typographic events in Valencia, Madrid, Palma and Coruña.

Fetenletters, a photographic mapping of Madrid’s letters that will end one day (or not).


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